2018 celebrates the collaboration by Maison Hennessy with the street artist, Vhils, based on the specially-designed version of the V.S. bottle: for this occasion, the work of the Portuguese artist gives rise to a temporary “Make invisible visible” exhibition in Cognac, for which Manymany has designed the scenography. Starting on the outside of the building, which stands on the banks of the Charente river, the project’s key words stretch discretely across the windows. A reflection of the street artist’s technique, the beginning of the exhibition is set off with an entryway that has 17 overlays of cut-away paper sheets, and the artist’s works are presented in a white display case decked with grill-work that recalls the artist’s studio in Lisbon.

Vhils delves into his materials: stone, wood, paper, styrofoam, etc., to make the invisible visible. As a reflection of his works, changes in the design of the V.S. cognac labels are displayed in the form of a chronological frieze.