Manymany is a creative arts studio founded by Soline d’Aboville in 2008, devoted to display window décors, event-related display settings and set-design. Drawing on her education at the national institute of Arts Décoratifs, in Paris, and on 20 years of experience working with some of the most famous names in luxury products, Soline is now incorporating at the core of her design projects the ecological challenges her profession needs to face up to. In seeking to implement environment-friendly projects, Soline does her very best to find low-impact raw materials, recycle the materials from her décors, use the most energy-efficient supply lines, and call on exceptionally skilled collaborators.

Our staff
Based in Paris, under the creative guidance of Soline d’Aboville, Manymany is comprised of a staff with a constellation of skills who share the same principles regarding their work, creativity and flexibility: a designer, an architect, a photographer, a landscape planner, a graphic artist, a videographer, a sound designer and a specialist in image synthesis, all of whom are committed to endowing its projects with poetic form. Manymany thus advises its clients, starting with the creative briefing and technical study, and continuing through to the actual mounting of the displays, whether in France or abroad, drawing on a dependable and renowned network of partners, artisans, industrialists and experts in new technologies.

Paper-based designs
Since 2010, Manymany has used paper for its creations. This low-cost raw material is recyclable and recycled, is easy to transport and easy to find, and therefore an obvious solution to the environmental problems encountered by the sector of showcasing and event settings. Now with a machine that serves to easily cut out large formats, our design studio continues to experiment daily with the immense potential offered by paper.

Soline d’Aboville
Soline was born in 1976 in Le Havre, on the Atlantic coast. She learned the joys of drawing at age 6, in a workshop where doodling and finger-painting were done standing on one’s own two feet. While in secondary school, she continued her exploration of this field in evening courses with live models at the Le Havre Beaux-Arts institute. Upon her arrival in Paris, in 1994, she first joined the Atelier de Sèvres, moving on the next year to the National Institute of Decorative Arts. There, she dove into the course on Furniture, earning her diploma in 1999. Introduced in the early 2000’s by Thierry Peltrault into the art of creating display windows, Soline spent the next 5 years under the guidance of Jean Marc-Gady creating display window and event décors for Louis Vuitton the world over, before devoting her talents to Dior Couture.

In 2008, Soline founded the Manymany studio, a means of creative production that enables her to take on many different types of projects. ”My work as a scenographer taught me that designing a temporary exhibit requires a great deal of humbleness, flexibility and creativity. However, just as with a fireworks display, that exhibit has to be radiant, and the challenge is to constantly come up with new ideas. I literally “dream” up my projects, and that initial dream provides a fundamental basis. It is what triggers my creative vision and is the starting point for the race against time that often has to be run before putting on the final touches. In retrospect, one might say that every project in which I have participated is different from all the others, as if we were scrutinizing human faces. And yet, there are in fact, family resemblances and shared traits to be found in the lighting effects and play of mirrors, in how colour and sound are used, in the often key role of Nature, as well as a certain level of simplicity a great emphasis on detail, and so on. It is all brought to bear together in order to create a unique and astonishing experience!”

Manymany works with the most famous names in fashion and luxury products: Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Lancel, Guerlain, Goutal Parfums, diptyque, Vacheron Constantin, Boucheron, Chanel Joaillerie, Hennessy, le Royal Monceau, Clarins, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Relais & Châteaux, and others. In 2018, Manymany’s accomplishments were crowned by receiving the “Talent du Luxe” award from the Centre du Luxe et de la Création. Soline also shares her experience and inspiration through courses given at the Institut Français de la Mode, at Mod’Art International, at the International Fashion Academy, at the Haute Ecole de Commerce (HEC) and at the National Institute of Decorative Arts.