60 Castlereagh st. Opening

Paspaley Pearls

The opening of the new retail concept of Maison Paspaley by the talented architectural agency Carbondale is accompanied by a total overhaul of visual merchandising tools. Manymany designs and creates these new tools to highlight the Paspaley jewelry collections; the presentation of the collections in the windows has been redesigned in order to adapt to the new architectural concept and to give the creations the lightness and elegance that distinguish them: we find in the displays the brass of the furniture, the textiles that adorn the boutique, the curve of the pearls… Flexible and modular, this system of busts and supports adapts to all collections and unfolds for the visitor’s feast.

Manymany also creates a setting for each collection in a setting that tells the story of nature, light and femininity specific to the brand. Immaculate cut paper or embroidered satin are used to evoke in a subtle and poetic way the movement of water and the reflection of the unique light of the Kimberley region where, in the Timor Sea, the most beautiful pearls in the world grow. The relief of the coast is evoked through the weaving of a metal mesh which creates a landscape in the background of the collections.

Paspaley Pearls Novembre 2023 Sydney

Photos © Tyrone Branigan