Brisbane opening

Paspaley Pearls

Paspaley, an Australian family business spanning three generations, is opening a vast 250 m2 flagship store in Brisbane and entrusting Manymany with the creation of new visual animations to present the Australian pearl house’s Wild, Moonlight and Kimberley collections.

The sparkle of the moon on the Timor Sea is expressed in a screen print of sequins on a matte cotton satin to present the Moonlight collection, whose particularity lies in the inlay of stones and precious metal on the surface of the pearls. The cut paper highlights the feather leaves from the Wild collection in a colorful contrast.

Sandalwood, combined with pearls from the Kimberley collection, inspires the torn and glued paper pattern on its edge, which creates a texture that is at once velvety, organic and graphic. Manymany tells the story of the sea, nature, light and femininity specific to Australian Paspaley pearls.

Window design
Paspaley Pearls May 2024 Brisbane

Photos © Tyron Brandigan & Steven Oxenbury