Hennessy MBS4 / Kevin Lucbert - A silent path exhibition


For the fourth edition of the Master Blender’s Selection, Hennessy has chosen to collaborate with the artist Kevin Lucbert, known for creating dreamlike worlds with a pen. For Hennessy, Kevin Lucbert imagines a fantastic universe populated by boars and stars in which a lake reflects the master blender’s cabin in the middle of a graphic and prolific forest.

It is this universe that the visitor will discover progressively before finally discovering the original works of the artist in the cabin, interpreted for the occasion in 3 dimensions. It is placed behind a reflective surface suggesting water and among trees inspired by the work of Kevin Lucbert. The moon dominates the whole. The artworks are replicated in giant size on the walls, allowing a real immersion in the blue and white universe of the artist.

Hennessy Summer 2021 Cognac

Photos © Manymany