What if we made memories together?


For Christmas, a grandfather receives a magnificent, brand new smartphone but doesn’t quite know what he’ll do with it. When he receives photos on his new phone and doesn’t know how to reply to them, he begins fiddling with the photo filters…in contrast to his grand-daughter, he produces “finished photos” himself!

That is the pitch of Orange’s 2020 Christmas ad campaign. In order to produce a printed version of this campaign, Manymany has created 10 entirely hand-made décors that are made of 100% recycled and completely recyclable materials, and that are wonderfully joyous! Whether using corrugated cardboard and coloured paper, gloss and glitter, or bits of string and scotch tape, it all involves “waste products” that are re-used and can be recycled, to come up with a bit of poetry for Orange’s special, end-of-year offers, photographed by Vincent Bousserez.

Orange Noël 2020 France et Benelux

Photos © Vincent Bousserez
Agence Publicis Conseil