Hennessy XO Club


150 of X.O history

For the 150th birthday of Hennessy X.O cognac, Manymany designed the scenography of the event in the historical context of the House’s birth in Cognac. The experience is divided in two parts: a retrospective exhibition of 150 years of history and a club dedicated to savoring.

Au…X.O…rigines : in the first area, a thematic path is proposed to discover the origins of X.O category. From its birth to recent artistic readings, going through dedicated pampre carafe design, guests may appreciate original pieces from the House’s collections and understand the main steps of the last 150 years of Hennessy’s history. As the second dedicated area, Hennessy XO Club allows X.O cognac singular savoring in a 1940’s inspired environment as Gérald de Geoffre actuallly designed X.O iconic bottle in 1947.

Sober and classy, the entire scenography is 1940’s inspired, key period of Hennessy X.O history. It is particularly based on a strong signage system of cut-out wall paper. Cuts and folding create a link between both areas and allow to highlight pieces of content.

Hennessy 2020 Cognac

Photos © Hennessy