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So Paper

As part of the So Paper collective project initiated by Procédés Chénel, Manymany found a way to use the Drop Paper© chutes to create ceiling décors: strips of paper that are cut out and sewn together are strung on a carbon bulrush structure to create patterns inspired by classic kites.
Hung from the ceiling, these items provide sequencing for the space. Done up in white, they create relief areas and light and shadow effects: the resulting patterns have an ornamental, geometric dimension with nearly infinite possible variations.

Carte Blanche

For the 120th anniversary of its founding, Procédés Chénel gave carte blanche to 40 artists whose works were exhibited in its showroom in Vanves and at the 2017 Saint Etienne Design Biennale. Scintillating and vibrant as seen from afar, the installation of the 450 paper droplets created by Manymany gives the illusion of a suspended cloud. Upon drawing closer, one can discern the multitude of particles that make up the cloud. The installation makes good use of the properties of the grades of Drop Paper©: metallic gold, silver and white.

Jardin d’Hiver

Jardin d’Hiver was an open creative license given to Manymany to celebrate the end of the year 2017: 300 white and gold flowers mounted on white stalks are endlessly reflected in three 9-metre square mirrors to create an immersive, dreamlike and pure landscape. The flowers produced for this project are part of a collection of flowers now available on request.