Imaginary Machines

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Production of the machines

Many details provide the Poetic Machines with great density: the sole of a shoe pops up from half a toaster, an antique iron and shoemaker’s wares are used to decorate the front of a Centipede House, reminding us that Hermès makes fine shoes.
Hats-off musicians play cymbals and klaxons, ambling along on pram wheels with rear-view mirrors in striking positions.
The snail-eyed ship moves across this weird planet thanks to its prop attached to a cartwheel and tennis-racquet rudder.

Creative phase

A funny sort of planet

On each side of the display windows, illustrations expand on the story of these weird machines and reveal a bit more about this strange planet. The bird-machines seem to have been born from eggs and there are mailboxes sprouting in the sand. In this setting, pots dance and propellers flutter, while plates travel only by hot-air balloon.