Turn and the world is yours - A vitrine extraordinaire

For the inauguration of Piaget’s main store on Rue de la Paix in Paris and a (re)new(ed) launching of its “Possession” collection, Manymany has come up with a truly exceptional display: this display is radically vast, one of a kind, and allows for the deployment of a complete universe.

While moving figures are traditionally associated with the magic of Christmas in the shop windows of major department stores, adding a rotational movement to this wondrous window layout for Possession really makes good sense for two reasons: “Turn and the world is yours” reminds one of the special nature of the moving rings in the Possession collection and of rotation in the world in general. The second reason, invisible and ever more subtle, resides in the mechanisms used for both the overall rotation and for opening and closing the jewel cases. The development and fine tuning of this machinery is indeed reminiscent of the work of an elegant watchmaker!

Piaget’s new Possession collection offers a magic perspective on daily life: “Turn and the world is yours” is suggestive of a spinning skirt, carousels, music boxes, Aladdin’s lamp or, more prosaically, a phonograph… Here, a set of six Piaget jewel boxes rotate in the display window, opening and closing as if by magic, and offering 6 successive settings that place its Possession rings in the limelight.

This collaboration resulted in a commentary by Soline d’Aboville, the founder of Manymany, and including Possession, for a digital promotional series on Vogue.fr. You can find more details on the Making-of page!